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There is a separate set of state, county and local pages to do your free people search using public access data in the US. White pages phone and address directories are easy to use to find people for free online. Site features include multiple services combined offering substantially more results without having to hire research companies. Articles share simple techniques used to not just be thorough, but how to locate someone faster and be more precise. If you want to find people free, TRY!
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Searching common locations first

The links above lead directly to pages with those lookups of the most popular subjects that include finding addresses, a person's email account, phone numbers and other features. Each of those have multiple options including; precise directions, how to interpret results and alternative solutions once you've found as much as possible from that source. Further reference is provided, so don't feel lost. 

Available to the public in the US

Due to the USA Freedom of Information and Patriot Acts, as well as the need for victim notification, many criminals can be found if you use the data provided by government agencies published in police and arrest reports, county jail inmate search, court documents, land deeds, foreclosures, marriage and divorce notices, birth certificates and even open adoptions in some states. All of these are categorized and easy to reach. Once you get to them, info boxes share any insights discovered from current experience with the sites listed.

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